Audio Visual & Virtual Event Services Pure Av

Audio Visual & Virtual Event Services Pure Av

PRG Digital Signage enables you to quickly connect together with your attendees and communicate new content material and information with branded, personalized digital displays. Whatever your wants, PRG will customise a digital signage solution for you. PRG’s inventory of audio gear is well fitted to any dimension production, including consoles, wireless equipment, speaker techniques, and sign processing.
Many of our purchasers sell the DVDs we create for profit, and a few give them as presents to the performers or audience. Years later, it’s unbelievable to look back and watch yourself perform. With reside streaming & webcasting, we’re able to broadcast your reside event across the globe.
Meeting the calls for of the modern convention industry is now tougher than ever. Compelling in person experiences with flexible attendence choices are the model new standard. We are a gifted band of experienced professionals that may assist you access and capitalize on these new alternatives. I assembled a band of individuals between the ages of sixty five and 75, lead by musical director Bill Sample, for a efficiency at Performance Works on Granville Island as a part of Club PuSh in 2015. Sonic Elder also played FUSE at the Vancouver Art Gallery to a packed home of enthusiastic partygoers that could simply have been their grandchildren. The unique thought got here from Theatre Conspiracy who commissioned the Chop to place it together.
We can mix the projected video with, or be triggered by, audio to create an immersive narrative. Before the conference, your speakers upload their shows, including audio and video recordsdata to a safe PRG Presents website, giving them the added safety that the shows will be on-site and ready to present after they arrive. They can addContent any file sort from any pc, whether or not PC or Mac.
On sure days the audience is invited to particular areas in the city to expertise more complicated ritual style performances. It was a pleasure to be part of the original creation team and I was excited to take on the function of producer for an expanded presentation within the fall of 2015. This cozy gathering held at Dock Lunch emphasised our personal contact. Our skilled technicians had been able to select the suitable tools and work with the client to get every little thing wanting, sounding and feeling good.

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